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Can Marianet is almost 300 years old and is one of the oldest houses in Formentera. Our great-great-grandfather bought the farm to dedicate himself above all to the cultivation of almonds and cereals. The house was renovated to be the family home and belongs to our family for five generations since then.

In 2019, with great enthusiasm, we renovated the house respecting its original essence and preserving the family legacy. Now the house has modern equipment combined with traditional and original pieces.

Can Marianet unites the history of our ancestors with our current project and represents childhood games and dreams of the future.

can marianet historia

The first owner of Can Marianet, the great-great-grandfather

can marianet quien somos

Great-grandfather and grandfather at the entrance of the house

can marianet historia

Can Marianet in the year 1955


As a child in the field

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